On this page you will be introduced to an assortment of writing samples, from both my professional work and my time as a graduate student at Drexel University. Click the bold name in each section to view the sample.

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Professional Blog Articles

After interior designers complete a project, it makes sense that they would want to photograph the space to promote their work. When the work they want to promote includes window treatments, however, that photography becomes a far greater challenge. In the article Photographing Window Treatments, I offer simplified explanations for the issues that can arise along with solutions that amateur photographers can understand and implement.

In another article, All About Embroidery, I provide an overview about embroidered fabrics as they relate to window treatments. The explanations touch on embroidery stitches, techniques and materials.

Academic Writing Samples

The Crispy Roll News Release was created to promote a new sourdough product line for a fictional bakery. This sample from Public Relations and Writing Strategies shows my understanding of greater publicity goals in presenting business news to a wide audience. By including the advantages of sourdough in general, I have extended the story potential beyond a one-time news update; Crispy Roll has been aligned with industry experts to offer news outlets an additional source for related stories in the future.

Marissa Avery: Profile of a Curler is a feature article from Investigative Journalism. I used my interview skills with multiple relevant sources to learn something interesting about a person, expand on the details with supplemental research, and write a human interest story. In this piece I have shown flexibility in adjusting my tone to suit the context, as well as an ability to clearly explain a concept — in this case, the sport of curling — that many find unfamiliar.

In the Advertising and Marketing Case Study, I evaluated an event case study from the standpoint of advertising and marketing, drawing on my background in those fields. I took into account how the event planners might have better promoted The Gathering 2009 and managed negative publicity, and made suggestions for moving forward. This sample from Event Planning demonstrates my ability to consider multiple factors while reflecting on various approaches to advertising and marketing for a large-scale event.

The Critical Analysis of a Research Article is a comprehensive review and analysis of a scholarly article. I first encountered the article in question while exploring the body of research on typeface readability for a literature review in Reading and Research Communication. The analysis establishes my ability to independently assess research and make informed decisions, which are beneficial skills in any workplace setting. As a graphic designer who selects typefaces daily, this analysis is also an example of my desire to expand my knowledge of familiar subjects and find objective reasoning behind choices that are generally considered subjective.