It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The converse, therefore, is that words are valuable to pictures. Combine the two, and the potential impact of a message is exponential. In “Thoughts on Design,” Paul Rand wrote the following:

Portrait of Christine Bagwell in a red shirt with a white background

“Visual communications of any kind, whether persuasive or informative, from billboards to birth announcements, should be seen as the embodiment of form and function: the integration of the beautiful and the useful.”

In communication, images and words merge form with function. They work collectively to enhance audience understanding, without which the message is meaningless.

Over the years, I’ve built on a foundation of images and words to create a marketing outlook based in strategy, analytics and business savvy. I’ve grown into a compelling digital storyteller who remains focused on financials and the big picture, collaborating with cross-functional teams at every level of the enterprise to ensure consistency of brand and message.

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