I create original designs in various styles while still reflecting an organization’s aesthetic. I aim for simplicity in the form and clarity in the message of any design piece.

Fall 2021 Collection, Adobe Photoshop

For interior designers and decorators, there are few things more exciting than receiving a new set of sample books from which to draw inspiration — and Carole Fabrics provides that excitement by introducing two decorative fabric collections each year. I created this animation for social media to highlight fabrics from one such fabric launch.

An animation featuring static image of a stack of fabric sample books with a background of continually changing fabric patterns.

Jacobsen Emails, Adobe Photoshop and Pardot

For category promotions at Textron Specialized Vehicles, a few products from the category would be featured in emails. At the time, Jacobsen had almost no product photography. Instead, I used a type treatment to call out the subcategories for the promotion.

Although it looks like one piece, the large “Shop Now” and the subcategory names were built as five hyperlinked image files. Customers shopped each subcategory by clicking on its name.

When the recipient’s device is set to dark mode, email images typically retain their original colors. Text and backgrounds are treated differently depending on the email client that the recipient uses. Some email clients will keep certain colors as coded in the email, while others use seemingly random algorithms to reverse the light/dark balance of the text and background.

That means in dark mode with certain email clients, the “Shop Now” section would remain jarringly light while the text above and below switched to dark mode.

I created a more cohesive visual by turning the subcategory images into transparent PNG files. Their backgrounds are completely transparent and the words “Shop Now” are a translucent tint of black, offering a similar overall effect regardless of email client or dark mode setting.

Two Jacobsen emails side by side, identical except for the fact that the left is shown in light mode and the right is shown in dark mode.

Display Ads, Adobe Illustrator

At Textron Specialized Vehicles, we typically ran at least two brand campaigns for parts and accessories at any given time. We promoted these campaigns through the use of site banners, ten sizes of display ads, and emails.

For those times when a brand didn’t have an active campaign, I created evergreen display ads for each brand every quarter. These ads were used to raise general brand awareness and drive traffic to the site. Below is a sampling from a set of Arctic Cat display ads.

And the snowmobile model in the ads? It’s a Blast.

For Arctic Cat display ads in different sizes and proportions.

A Taste of Something Wild, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign

For their annual fundraising event, Augusta West Rotary Club’s previous flyer featured the white fork-and-antlers graphic in the center, surrounded by white text on a black background. Their logo was absent, and they wanted to include it in such a way that people would be able to tell at a glance that this was a Rotary event.

I chose to keep the fork-and-antlers graphic but used a deep forest green to better relate to the wild game theme. The club’s signature Rotary Gold was the perfect accent to make their logo and other key details stand out.

I carried over the design from the flyer into two trifold brochures. One was used by club members to solicit donations and sell tickets for the event, and the other served as the event program with membership information and sponsor logos. Two versions of a simple graphic promoted the event on social media.

A collection of collateral for A Taste of Something Wild, including a flyer, a brochure and two social media graphics.

Augusta Jewish Museum, Adobe InDesign

Given the opportunity to save the oldest synagogue in Georgia, supporters hope to repurpose it as a museum and center for education. They didn’t have any images but wanted an eye-catching promotional piece that could be distributed as a printed piece, in social media or via email.

A text-based flyer encouraging donations for the Augusta Jewish Museum.

Crane Creek Currency, Adobe Illustrator

Crane Creek currency is a promotional email graphic for a country club membership incentive program offering $1,000 in dining credit. The custom currency emphasizes that the credit is for use within the club, rather than a cash gift. The serious profile of the crane in the center makes me smile every time I see it.

A one thousand dollar bill recreated as Crane Creek Currency with various details changed to reflect the country club.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about these pieces or to see other design samples.