To create a logo is to distill the main subject or idea to its simplest form. That concise communication one of my favorite aspects of design. Below are a few examples of logos that I have designed.

Each of these symbols for my personal identity represent a medium that I use to create: dots of ink for print, woven fabric for sewing, stockinette stitch for knitting, and square pixels for digital. You may recognize them from the tops of these web pages, my LinkedIn profile, and my resume.

Personal identity icons, Adobe Illustrator.

The Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel is a friendly annual curling competition coordinated by the Boise Curling Club. The logo incorporates the colors and bull’s-eye shape of the curling house as well as the distinctive silhouette of the Sawtooth Mountain Range. At the same time, the popular acronym for the event is accentuated.

This logo has been adapted for one-color applications and a variety of space constraints as the organizers’ wants and needs have changed. Since the first S.O.B. in 2012, the logo has been successfully included on a wide range of merchandise, from engraved beer steins to woven scarves.

S.O.B. logo, Adobe Illustrator.

Jesus Goat was a short-lived hardcore punk band. The members of the band were brash, goatee-wearing, devilish characters and they wanted a logo that would translate easily to a tattoo. The yelling profile captures the attitude of the band. The halo highlights the “Jesus” aspect of their name, while the goatee represents the “Goat.” The horn can be seen as that of either a goat or a demon.

For their first album, Burnt, they wanted a logo for merchandise. The stark horizontal and vertical lines of the logo mimic the structural remains of a burned building. Sadly, the group disbanded before the album was released.


Top: Jesus Goat logo, pen and ink. Above: Burnt logo, Adobe InDesign.

As a longtime collector, I enjoy creating different representations of teddy bears. This logo is memorable because the bear is not immediately identifiable, but once it is seen it is not unseen.

Bear logo, pen and ink.