Not a full advertisement but more than a logo, each graphic is meant to stand out on social media, in emails, and in other electronic displays. The following examples are graphics that I have recently designed.

Crane Creek Currency is a promotional graphic for a country club membership incentive program offering $1,000 in dining credit. The custom currency emphasizes the point that the credit is for use within the club, rather than a cash gift. The serious profile of the crane in the center makes me smile every time I see it.

Crane Creek Currency, Adobe Illustrator.

The annual Gala is a themed formal country club event. For this particular Gala, the committee requested that every letter and element of the graphic be a different bright color to showcase the theme. There was great potential for that concept to go horribly wrong. Challenge accepted!

The Future Is Bright, Adobe InDesign.

The annual Candy Cane Ball is a red-and-white themed formal holiday party. This boldly striped background image almost dared me to make it work. The black stripe behind the title of the event serves double duty; it makes the type stand out against the stripes while also bringing to mind the traditional wide black belt that is seen on images of Santa Claus.

Candy Cane Ball, Adobe InDesign.

The Summer Concert Series had ended, but the weather was still fabulous. For this poolside concert, I combined the yellow and orange rays from the Summer Concert Series graphics with Brandon Pritchett’s white-on-grey logotype and a description of his musical style. The effect is a summertime feel that stands apart as its own event.

Extend Summer, Adobe Illustrator.